1st Annual Literary Advent Calendar

Announcing the 1st Annual Literary Advent Calendar, for heathens, nerds, and believers alike! I’ll be reading one story/poem/essay a day for 25 days and sharing the deets here and on Twitter. Also looking for any and all suggestions, and will share your recommendations for favorite literary works from 2016 and beyond with the masses. Leave a comment, send me a message, Tweet at me, whatever it is, don’t be shy.

Happy reading and joyous wishes for 2016 to you. May you get all the books your geeky heart desires.


2016 Literary Advent Calendar

Day 1: “Post a Pic” by Emily Sinclair in Monkeybicycle

Day 2: “Isabelle” by George Saunders in Indiana Review 17. 1 (and also in CivilWarLand in Bad Decline: Stories & a Novella)

Day 3: “DM if you #REPENT” by Allison Pinkerton in The Pinch

Day 4: “Guided Tour” by Miller Williams in Southern Humanities Review, Volume 1.1, Spring 1967

Day 5: “Of Windows and Doors” by Mohsin Hamid in The New Yorker (Nov 14, 2016)

Day 6: “Breaking the Horse” by Kerry Cullen in Catapult

Day 7: “The Prospects” by Michelle Seaton in One Story Mag

Day 8: “Not Trash Day” by Claire Eder in Colorado Review

Day 9: “Trespassing” by Nghiem Tran in The Offing

Day 10: “still life with the accent” by Safia Elhillo in The Collagist

Day 11: “Cleaning Deposit” by Molly Giles in Superstition Review

Day 12: “Interesting Facts” by Adam Johnson in Harpers 

Day 13: “Please Bury Me in This” by Allison Benis White in POETS.org

Day 14: “Interior with Storm System” by Emily Geminder in Passages North

Day 15: “Cruelty-Free” by Conor Bracken in Nashville Review

Day 16: “Letter from Majorca” by J.D. Daniels in The Paris Review

Day 17: “Diabetic Jeffrey” by Jennifer Givhan in Adroit Journal 

Day 18: “Dirt” by Rushing Pittman in Booth

Day 19: “Iconography” by Ayse Papatya Bucak in the Iowa Review

Day 20: “Condition” by Erica Dawson in the Bennington Review

Day 21: “Mandarini” by Douglas W. Milliken in Matchbook 

Day 22: “Riddle” by Jericho Brown in the Georgia Review 

Day 23: “My Friend Diane” by Emily Flouton in SmokeLong

Day 24: “Kathleen, or Ryan” by Bobby Fischer in Outlook Springs

Day 25: “Ledger” by Debra Allbery in Kenyon Review